Tankbusters Fuel and Tank Cleaning Services. Terms and conditions.

  1. Tankbusters will endeavour to remove contamination, water and bacterial bugs, by filtering to 1 micron and water to 100ppm (Parts Per Million)
  2. Tankbusters rely on customers providing actuate information on the size in litres of the tanks and amount of fuel in the tank. 
  3. Confirming good access to the bottom of the tank, or any problems in reaching the bottom of the tank that may result in access holes being cut to clean both tank and fuel. Extra costs will be charged for cutting access holes and re sealing the tank. No welding will be carried out in fitting the sealing plate.  Unhindered access to the tanks is required at all times when cleaning is in process.      
  4. Extra charges maybe incurred if all requested information is not provided prior to arriving on site.
  5. Whilst Tankbusters will endeavour to clean both tanks and fuel. Extra charges will be made for additional micron filter bags and water filters used during filtration and other products required to assist in dealing with contamination, bacterial bugs and water removal.
  6. No guarantees are given in the cleaning / removing the contamination from the tank. Fuel samples are taken from the tank prior to commencing filtration. Excessive water will be removed as best as possible from the bottom of the tank by means of hand syphon prior to starting filtration. Saturated diesel (water mixed into diesel) will be removed by filtration, using water removal filters. Further fuel samples are taken during the filtration process and shown to the customer. On completion of cleaning both the tank and fuel, further samples are shown to the customer and matched against the initial samples first taken from the tank prior to filtration being commenced.
  7. If for any reason the Customer cancels or stops the service between cleaning tank and fuel process, the customer will be pay the costs incurred (including any extra filters used or other costs).
  8. In the unlikely event of a breakdown caused by contaminated fuel within one week of cleaning and excluding any fuel purchase in refilling the tank.  Tankbusters reserve the right to reject any claim.
  9. Customers at their expense are requested to supply 230-volt mains supply required when on site to power Tankbusters equipment.  
  10.  Alternatively, a charge for Tankbusters Generator will be made.
  11. Close and good access to the tank is required for Tankbusters vehicle. Car parking charges or other travel costs will be added to the invoice.  The customer is requested to assist if possible, in removing the equipment from the vehicle to the tank location and returning the equipment back onto the vehicle.
  12. To cover costs of mileage traveling to and from the location, mileage is charged. Mileage costs are subject to changes in fuel and other costs.
  13. Unless advised, Tankbusters do not charge traveling time, to and from location.
  14. Payment in full to be paid on the day of cleaning both fuel and the fuel tank, by either: – Bank Transfer, Cheque or cash.
  15. If the customer has not made payment within seven days of the date of invoice for any reason. All discounts will be revoked and interest of 8% will be added. County Court proceedings will be considered. If proceedings are taken, additional costs will be added.
  16. In the event the customer has a claim for any reason. Full written details and photographs of the claim must be sent to Tankbusters by e mail or its agents. Full details of the customers insurance policy and policy number are required. Claims will not be considered without the required full details of the claim being provided, within 14 days of the date of invoice. Tankbusters will look at the claim in full and will respond within seven days.