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Get Clean and Stay Clean

Cleaning the tank is the first step towards good ‘housekeeping’. Switching on the Tankbusters equipment and giving your dirty diesel and tank a good cleaning & filtering will take out whatever contamination is in your tank and will maintain red or white diesel in a clean, dry condition with the result that your engine will run more smoothly and give better performance.

What about diesel additives?

Diesel treatment additives may be used to help prevent the build up of diesel bug contamination (more information about diesel bug here). They may market themselves as a “diesel bug killer”  or a “diesel bug treatment”. What they don’t do however is get to the root cause of the problem – water and contamination  in the tank.  They also do nothing at all about heavy contaminants in fuel and do not remove existing dead diesel bug remains.

In addition to this they need to be used very regularly – at every filling of the tank with fresh diesel otherwise the fresh fuel is at risk of diesel bug contamination again.

So what is the answer?   By cleaning your Tank & Fuel to below 1 micron and removing water to below 100 ppm (parts per million). You now have a clean tank and fuel. Now you can use the Tankbusters Water removal bag. Designed to sit at the bottom of your tank, the bag will absorb water from condensation and fuel each time you refill your tank and also allow you to monitor the conditions at the bottom of your tank- once full the bag can be replaced to continue it’s work. Once the tank and fuel are clean we recommend the use of Tankbusters additive- this contains a ecocide to inhibit diesel bug growth and give you confidence in the quality of your fuel. Our year round additive additionally protects the octane rating of your fuel which is ideal for those who use diesel at a slow rate (meaning that diesel will sit in the tank for a long time).

Water & Heavy Contamination