Tankbusters is the best solution for fuel cleaning

Blocked filters, reduced engine efficiency, rough running or refusal to start are all possible symptoms of diesel bug. It’s an umbrella term for the micro-organisms, such as bacteria, moulds and fungi, that live in the small margin of free water in the fuel tank. These multiply rapidly and leave a thick, slimy or waxy grey/black deposit when they die. Left untreated, the deposit can be drawn into fuel lines where it can solidify and clog fuel pumps, causing fuel starvation or blocked filters. Add to this the other contaminants, such as rust particles and general dirt, that can be lurking within the fuel tank and the result is increased wear and tear on the engine. Over time this can cause long-term damage to the fuel injectors and pump, and contribute to an increased chance of breakdowns.

We can help you to make dirty diesel bug contamination a thing of the past!  Your engine(s) will be more efficient, cleaner and more reliable.  The probability of blocked injectors will be dramatically reduced, filters will need changing less regularly. Potential cost savings are very significant and wasted time on repairs is reduced too.

Eliminate diesel bug contamination

Tankbusters Fuel Filtration equipment offers the best solution for the elimination and long-term control of diesel bug, contamination, water, rust and heavy contaminants. The fuel is drawn out of the tank and forced through a filtration device that removes water to less than 100 PPM (Parts per million) and contaminants to less than 1 micron in size. Your engine is now running as it should be and free of contamination.

Tankbusters offer two services:-

1) We can come to your location and clean your tank and fuel by filtration unit. We explain how our equipment works and you can see our equipment filtering out the contamination and water. We offer advice as to how you prevent the problem from fuel contamination happening again.

2) Tankbusters offer a range of equipment that can be purchased to both the Trade and Private customers that enable customers to clean their Tanks and Fuel. Holding Tanks. Plant Equipment. Stand By Generators. Agricultural Equipment. Marine Tanks are just a few examples of the versatility of Tankbusters Equipment. But not just Diesel. Hydraulic Oil. Kerosene Fuel and even Cooking Oil. Tankbusters also offer training in how to use its equipment, with online phone back up to assist customers with the odd onsite problems.

By using our Tankbusters Fuel Filtration equipment and expertise we can ensure that you remove the contamination and avoid it happening again and have all of the benefits of clean oil.

The Benefits of Clean Diesel

Your engine(s) will be

  • More fuel efficiency and the engine running with better power.
  • Less changing of fuel filters.
  • No more lost Down Time / Breakdowns.
  • More reliability. 
  • Less chances of blocked injectors, fuel pumps. That cause damage to the engine.

Clean diesel can save you a lot of money, time and as a result, stress!

Jars showing contaminated diesel and different stages of cleaning
Best in class cleaning

Get it Clean, Keep it clean

Tankbusters offer the best solution for the removal and long-term control of diesel bug (Bacteria) contamination, water and heavy contaminants in the UK. Read more information about how our system beats the rest here.

Diesel contamination removal canal-side
Excellent, knowledgable service

Best Cleaning, Where You Are

Don’t forget. We offer on-site cleaning services for marine, agricultural, heavy plant, large storage and road transport sectors. All users of both Red & White Diesel. We have years of experience in fuel cleaning and a thorough knowledge of diesel fuel issues.

Why Tankbusters?

Not all “Fuel polishing” Systems are the same.

Many systems remove much of the diesel bug itself, but leave the water and contamination behind. One spore of bacteria reproduces 260,000 spores every 6 hours and dies in around 48 hours. The bacteria lives in water that causes it to grow in the first place, any thing above 5 microns will continue to leave contamination in the fuel.

Tankbusters Fuel Filtration system removes water to 100ppm (Parts Per Million) from diesel fuel as well as “diesel bug” (Bacteria), contamination, carbon contamination and any other unwanted particles. Our systems can filter and remove particles to as low as 1 micron in diameter and so leave dirty fuel, that was dark and opaque, to clean and clear fuel.

If Contamination. Bacteria and Water is not removed (Sometimes referred to as Fuel Polishing) The the problem will come back with more – Lost Downtime and Damage to the Engine & Fuel Pump.

Tankbusters the best for polishing diesel.

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