The Tankbusters Diesel Filtration System

In our diesel filtration system the cleaning of red diesel/white diesel is carried out using a specially manufactured filter containing a huge number of tightly bound fibres.  The fuel is pumped upwards through the centre of the filter and spreads across its diameter  Pressure then forces the contaminated fuel through the filter.  The larger particles of heavy contamination are extracted first and remain near the top of the filter.  Further down the filter smaller and lighter particles including diesel bug and other lighter contamination are also removed down to a particle size of 1 micron or less depending on equipment.  The filter removes water contamination too.

The result is clean, effectively contamination free diesel, being returned to the tank and no loss of fuel.             

“That’s Fuel Cleaning At Its Best”

This helps to prevent the damage that diesel bug and other contamination will do to your engine.

The Diesel Filtration System in Action