Tankbusters Diesel Filtration Equipment

The Tankbusters range of equipment, available in our on-line shop, is designed for all applications using red diesel/white diesel but specifically in:-

  • Boating
  • Agriculture
  • Heavy Plant Industry
  • Holding Tanks
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • In fact whether you use Red or White diesel,Hydraulic Oil or Central Heating Fuel,Tankbusters have the equipment to clean your tank & fuel

The Tankbuster range is derived from equipment used  on a much larger scale for applications in:

  • Heavy Plant
  • Oil & Refineries
  • The MOD
  • NHS
  • Mining

All of these industries require clean uncontaminated fuel to ensure that they can work effectively and reliably.

By scaling down the equipment, but using the same filtration filters. The Tankbusters range of equipment is able to achieve removal of all contamination to a level of 1 micron or less (that’s better than required by Formula One Racing Cars!) and removing water to below 100ppm (parts per million).


By filtering out:

  • Water
  • The Diesel Bug
  • Contamination

You can be sure that you have clean and water free fuel.  Your engine will run more smoothly, be more economical and with less wear on all moving parts.

The Tankbuster range has three main families:

  • Tankbusters CENTURION RANGE 240v Filtration Unit
  • The 12volt TROJAN  ideal for smaller tanks and better in confined areas.
  • The 240volt SHERMAN-2 range is designed for larger tanks either for static use or on a sack barrow  giving great maneuverability between tanks.   
  • 110v units are also available.

But that’s not all!

The equipment can also clean hydraulic oil and central heating fuel.

So in summary – 

Clean fuel, with no waste!


The Centurion can filter at a nominal 30 litre per minute meaning this unit is ideal unit is for larger tanks and is equipped with a 14″ tower filter designed to first filter to a nominal 1 micron, (depending on filter bag selected) thus removing all the heavy contamination. This partially cleaned fuel then passes into the 4 water removal filters (removing water to below 100 parts per million) before returning the fuel back into the tank under pressure to stir up contamination.

The unit comes with 2 x 3 metre fuel pipes.

One metre Inlet lance with a Y strainer.

One metre Outlet Lance designed to stir up contamination.

Extra 3 meter fuel hoses are available, as are different length lances including Tankbusters unique right angle lance designed to reach further into the tank.

Various options are available including fuel testing points. Separate trolley making it easy and safe to move.  P.O.A.



The Tankbusters "SHERMAN" 240v Trolley is designed for use as a mobile system.

Like the Tankbusters "Sherman"  240v on the stand this unit will handle the larger tank capacity. Ideal for removing diesel bug contamination, water and heavy contaminants. Filtering to 2.8 microns and removing water to below 100ppm (parts per million).



The Tankbusters "TROJAN" 12v unit (Light-weight and designed  for smaller tanks).

  • All you need is a 12v battery. (The unit only draws 7amps per hour)

  • Some spare filters a few spanners and  maybe a wheel-barrow to stick everything in and away you go.

  • Ideal for Marine Boat Builders and Owners (Can be installed in new builds before the fuel tank is fitted) Or for use in the marine, agricultural and plant equipment industry. Vintage Tractors, Trucks  and smaller users of Red & White diesel have used this unit to good effect.

  • Great for the smaller tank cleaning jobs, up to around 500- 600 litres.

  • It's a robust unit so easily transported to machines / remote fuel tanks to carry out a cleaning process.



 Like Its Brother the Centurion. The 230v Mini Centurion filters at a nominal 30litres per minute. The Tower filters to One Micron removing all the heavy contamination before passing the fuel into the two water removal filters. The unit includes 2 x 3meters fuel pipes. (Extra Fuel pipes are available) One meter Inlet Lance with the Y Strainer taking out the larger particles of 30 microns plus. One meter Outlet Lance designed to stir up the contamination at approximately 20psi with around a 9″ fan, great for washing down the sides of the tank. Tankbusters also offer a number of different length lances, including the Right Anle Outlet Lance that reaches out into longer tanks stiring up the contamination.


Syringe Test Kit.
Check whats at the bottom of your tank for Water. Contamination. Diesel Bug.
Take samples of fuel to see if your fuel is “Saturated Diesel” (Diesel mixed with water).


The Tankbusters water removal free cell has been specially formulated to separate water from fuels in tank bottoms. Suitable for use with diesel fuel, petrol fuel, aviation fuel, kerosene and heating oils. Each cell comes with a 5 metre (longer if required) metallic woven anti-static retrieval line and easy to follow instructions. The outer cover is made from a stop-rip nylon material. The cell sits in the fuel tank bottom and absorbs the water. Remove the cell - remove the water!

The Tankbusters Additive

The Tankbusters Additive is recommend to be used as a all year round protection, reducing, the risk of damage to your engine, fuel pump, diesel heating system. Covering the Marine, Agricultural, Heavy Plant Equipment, Holding Tanks and users of both Red & White Diesel.


A simple way of checking the quality of your fuel prior to filtering.


Lance Heads

Top. Inlet Lance.

  • The gauze filter traps larger particles in the Y Strainer.
  • The strainer is easily removed and cleaned.

Bottom. Outlet Lance.

This lance returns the fuel back into the tank under pressure.

Lance Ends

The unique lances are a patent pending design.The inlet lance traps the heavy contaminants and the return lance, with its unique agitator and approx 20psi return flow, is designed to stir up the contamination lying at the bottom of the tank.


Y Strainer & Reusable Gauze Filters.
Lances can be made up from 12" 300mm to 36" 1 meter.Longer lances on request.
Larger fuel pipes and lances are available on request.


MTB 3 micron filters designed to remove contamination and water to below 100ppm (Parts Per Million)