THE TANKBUSTERS “CENTURION” (Please enquired for price)



The Tankbusters “Centurion” 230 volt can filter at a nominal 30 litre per minute meaning this unit is ideal unit is for larger tanks and is equipped with a 14″ tower filter designed to first filter to a nominal 1 micron, (depending on filter bag selected) thus removing all the heavy contamination. This partially cleaned fuel then passes into the 4 water removal filters (removing water to below 100 parts per million) before returning the fuel back into the tank under pressure to stir up contamination.

  • The unit comes with 2 x 3 metre fuel pipes.
  • One metre Inlet lance. Extra lance can require.
  • One metre Outlet Lance designed to stir up contamination.

Extra 3 meter fuel hoses are available, as are different length lances including Tankbusters unique right angle lance designed to reach further into the tank.

The Micromag Magnetic Filtration system incorporates the most powerful to remove metal debris from fluids.

Various options are available including fuel testing points. Separate trolley making it easy and safe to move.  P.O.A