Understanding “Diesel Bug” contamination

Diesel bug spores are all around us.  They are very common in the normal atmosphere.  There is not just one sort of “bug” in fact,  bacteria, fungi and even algae may all play a part. Like the vast… Read More

Marine Fuel Cleaning

For diesel fuel contamination problems occurring in your canal boat, sailing vessel with a motor and in diesel powered shipping

Get Clean and Stay Clean

Cleaning the tank is the first step towards good ‘housekeeping’. Switching on the Tankbuster equipment and giving your dirty diesel and tank a good cleaning & filtering will take out whatever contamination is in your tank and will… Read More

Tankbusters Diesel Filtration Equipment

The Tankbusters range of equipment, available in our on-line shop, is designed for all applications using red diesel/white diesel but specifically in:- Boating Agriculture Heavy Plant Industry Holding Tanks Commercial Vehicles In fact whether you use Red or… Read More